Daft Punk - Human After All era.


Kanye West - Stronger (Grammy Awards 2008)

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Manchester United 2-0 Cardiff City [Premier League] 28/01/2014

Juan Mata grew up idolising Ryan Giggs and now he’s playing alongside the United legend.

A social-campaign action that was made to remind people how important it is to get a proper sleep.

Full Project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/How-Much-Sleep-Do-You-Need/14269651


Here’s the set we built for Daft Punk’s Grammy performance tonight.

Tino Schaedler and Optimist Design teamed up with Daft Arts to create this amazing mid-century modern design set. Check out the old school audio equipment integrated into the set. Very cool. The recording booth is patterned after the “Mother” space craft control room from the movie Alien. The robots gold mirror mixing console actually worked and was played live.

(set construction and prop fabrication by Vision Scenery)


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